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Your fake news outlet for trolling, exposing scammers and petty drama.

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In ToXic TrollZ we showcase light trolling both online and in real life. We expose scammers and bullies whenever we can (to pay the troll toll). We present as lighthearted plucky adult humor, but sometimes mean. ToXic TrollZ is supported by the Facebook group, Facebook page and YouTube Channel.

ToXic Trollz **Now With Bans**

The ToXic Trollz **Now With Bans** group is the workhorse of ToXic TrollZ. The group really puts the Z in TrollZ. Members of the group watch videos on Facebook live, Youtube and local news outlets and re-post back to the group. There we discuss and research. Ummm there is also a fair about of drama in the group which keeps everyone entertained. The group is closed...

ToXic TrollZ Facebook Page

The ToXic TrollZ Facebook page is a public space where viewers, non-viewers, people who hate us, people who love us, people who have information can contact us. We use the Facebook page to let people know when our live shows will be. Please feel free to check out the page and give us your input...

ToXic TrollZ Channel

The ToXic TrollZ YouTube channel is were I do all the clowning and carrying on. Sometimes we have special guest but we always feature some for of Trolling. Like our videos, comment and subscribe to the page.

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Hey everybody Im Jay, the sick fucked up mind behind ToXic TrollZ. I started ToXic TrollZ because I wanted to have a comedy channel based on silly trolling. Im glad you are checking out the web site.

Jay Kulesski
Lets throw up some mad faces and get this show on the road don't forget to like and subscribe.

ToXic TrollZ Brings The Drama!

Do you like petty drama, yes you do! We have plenty of petty. The tea is severed spilt every week on the Channel and daily in the group. We have the drama because we seek it out from multiple sources.

Facebook Live
Much of our content comes from Facebook live shows. ToXic TrollZ exposes the truth and brings scammers to light. As you can guess this can sometimes cause quite a stir.
Real Live Panks
We don’t limit the troll to strictly cyberspace. Follow Jay in various disguises as he trolls real people in real situations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you doing this. Why are are you not?

Where can I watch your Content?

You can tune in on Youtube. Check out ToXic TrollZ!

How can I join the ToXic TrollZ group?

No. We are still thinning out the group dude to some issues we had with people reporting content. While the group is a lot of fun the primary goal of the group is the generate content for entertainment, not to provide entertainment directly.

Will there be a ToXic TrollZ group in the future?

Yes! But only once we have time to manage such a group. A second ToXic TrollZ groups will be created witht he goal of entertaining.

When are the shows?

The best way to catch up on ToXic TrollZ shows is to subscribe to the ToXic TrollZ channel. ToXic TrollZ Live events will be hosted on the ToXic TrollZ Youtube channel. There will be Teasers posted to the Facebook page along with some live content. Best to follow us on the page as well.

How can I prevent a feature from being done on me or my company?

The best way to do that is to not be a scammer. We have snitches ordering from people online all the time just to see if products are delivered. We have eyes on the net looking for an excuse to create a feature.


"This guy is awesome. Entertaining and funny. Love that he stands up for the ones that have been screwed over by Kerri."

  • hes very funny and does interesting things
    John Carlson
  • Exposing the truth about pearl scammers is vital and they do a fantastic job of it.
    Kelly Schaal
  • The best!!!! Friday’s are the best live stream there is! He funny honest and brings u the truth and it don’t hurt that he is fine as hell
    Andrea Snyder

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